Monthly Archives: March 2009

bridge n wdz

I’ve been itching to draw criminal mastermind V.V. Morgenstern from the DFC’s Donny Digits (‘by Woodrow Phoenix, obviously’), whom I v.v. much suspect is based on Woodrow’s fabulous partner, Bridget. I still haven’t quite got the essence of Ms Morgenstern … Continue reading

red noses are silly

Here’s what that malarky’s about if you live outside of Britain and don’t have to endure digitised laughter while you’re standing at the supermarket checkout. Some lovely Vern and Lettuce art! This by Garen Ewing! (That’s rainboworchid). Lettuce as Soviet … Continue reading

cutest thing ever

Rick Eades in Manchester (eadesmust) just floored me with his clay version of Vern. I love his bug eyes, he looks a bit mad. The adorableness is absolutely killing me! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!