Sarah McIntyre

About me

Sarah McIntyre decorating The Fleece Station

Sarah McIntyre hops the gap between comics and children's picture books. Her strip ‘Vern and Lettuce’ was published weekly by the DFC, appeared in the Guardian Comic section, and launches in September as a book in the DFC Library. Her picture book with Giles Andreae, ‘Morris the Mankiest Monster’ is so disgusting that her mother is ashamed of her, and her editors were shocked to find aliens taking over her latest book with Gillian Rogerson, ‘You Can't Eat a Princess’.

She shares a studio in an old police station in Deptford with Beano comics wizard Gary Northfield, her art college classmate who re-introduced her to comics, Ellen Lindner, and the head of Stitch and Bitch London, Lauren O‘Farrell. They'll give you insights about what they get up to in the studio on their blog, The Fleece Station. (The original three founders – Sarah, Gary and Viviane Schwarz – coincidentally met while they were making comics starring sheep.)

If you want to get lots of updates, visit Sarah's blog on Live Journal, and you can follow her on Twitter here.